Custom Clearance appears to be one of the major and most frequent issues within the distribution process. It cause a number of delays, interrupts your supply chain and may result in costly penalties or lost business. Appointing a trustworthy Customs Brokerage provider that knows your business, the local legal and regulatory issues well is crucial.

Fhexpresstrans has improved this aspect and created a Customs Clearance Service that minimizes the problems, additional costs and delays while also ensuring the consignments are processed and delivered safely and within the specified time frame.

At Fhexpresstrans, our in-house team of specialists provides Customs brokerage services via our own Customs Brokers in locations like China, and also our handpicked Customs brokerage partners in the United States, Australia and Canada. They have thorough understanding of all local regulatory and legal issues, and are able to assist our customers to achieve better transparency and cost control in Customs-related procedures. We provide these exceptional services for both, imported and exported goods throughout China and worldwide under the most affordable and convenient cost.

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